These are the terms and conditions of the Aptel refer a friend program:

  1. The operator of this program is Asian Pacific Telecommunications Pty Ltd ACN 091 353 374 (Aptel).

  2. Submission of a referral indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  3. To be eligible under this program, a referral must:

    1. be received by Aptel by phone or email; and

    2. result in Aptel and the entity or person referred:

      1. entering into a new 36 month contract with Aptel with a Total Contract Value of $10,000.00 or more.

    3. not be in respect of a previous or current client of Aptel;

    4. not be in respect of an entity or person whose details have previously been provided to Aptel whether under this program or from another source, and;

    5. must be submitted by an entity or person who is at the submission date a client of Aptel.

  4. A referral which complies with all the elements set out in clause 3 is a successful referral.

  5. Aptel will give the referrer of a successful referral an Apple iPad device up to the value of $900 purchased directly from the Apple store or a preferred Aptel partner.

  6. Payment for a referral will be given to the referrer 3 months after the new client has taken delivery of their new phone/internet solution and no payment will be made in respect of any referral where the other party commits a default during that 3 month period.

  7. This program is valid until 31st December 2017 but may be withdrawn or varied by Aptel at any time without notice.